About Us

My name is Ross Wheeler and I decided to build a new business, Ailsa Craig Gifts, to run from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

My Aunt has a successful Personalised Gift business in Canada and suggested that I could start a similar business here in Scotland.  With the help of my parents, I have built a workshop in the garden and bought a high-quality laser engraver.

I live in Maidens, South Ayrshire, which is a beautiful part of Scotland often overlooked by tourists.  our workshop is only a mile along the coast from Turnberry Golf Course to the South and Culzean Castle to the North, so there are plenty of reasons to visit!

Being autistic, working from home is ideal for me.  It means I can use my particular skills in a work environment that suits me best.

Ailsa Craig Gifts provides lively, eco-friendly products to local tourist businesses, friends and family, and through our online store.

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