Pins – Made from Old Whisky Barrels


No Design £0.00 Braw Bull £0.00 Rennie Machintosh Chair £0.00 Tartan Scottie Dog £0.00 Tartan Sporran £0.00 Stag £0.00 Tartan Scotland Map £0.00 Thistle £0.00 Duffel Coat £0.00 Ailsa Craig Graphic £0.00 Arran + Text £0.00 Maybole Town Hall £0.00


Our Whisky Barrel Pins are truly sustainable.  Made from old Whisky Barrels they are authentically Scottish.  They are aimed mainly at our wholesale customers, with each design cut to size and engraved with our Scottish designs.  They come on hard board that is also engraved, these little gems are proudly Made in Scotland.

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